Medieval Tapas January 2014

Literary Medieval Tapas: A Taste of the Literature of the Middle Ages (1200 – 1485)
From poetry to plays, this course includes the lesser-known works of  Chaucer, Dante, and the influential poets of the Dolce Stil Nuovo (Sweet New Style) as well as one of the first examples of an autobiography, The Book of Margery Kempe.  Sample from the vast array of works from the time period that brought us chivalry and knights, plague and fear, and finally, served as the springboard for  the Renaissance.  Most of the readings are in the original Middle English, although many have modern translations and students are encouraged to read both the original and translated pieces. Resources and links to readings will be posted here.
As this is a survey course we will be reading short selections from several works. Please feel free to read any of the works in their entirety if you enjoy them. There are so many wonderful works from this time and too few weeks to cover all the bases. You may use the Forum tab on the weebly site to have any conversations on topics not covered in class or to continue a conversation started.

Week 1:
Dolce Stil Nuovo: Poets of the Sweet New Style
We will read some poetry from major writers of thee Sweet New Style
We will begin by reading poetry from Guido Guinizelli and Guido Cavalcanti as well as a poetry "conversation" between Dante and others.
Guinizelli and Cavalcanti
Other resources:
Guido Cavalcanti
Guido Guinizelli 
Dante Alighieri

Week 2:
Dream Visions, lesser known works of Chaucer
The House of Fame
Modern Translation

Week 3: 
Chivalry done the Right Way
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (four different versions to choose from)
Other readings:
Morte Arthure Translation
Morte Arthure Middle English

Week 4:
Breton Lays

Week 5:
Autobiography and Spirituality
Music of the Middle Ages
Christine de Pisan

Week 6:
A play, a poem and a story...there is so much more...
Fabilaux (rated R) and a little Boccaccio just for fun.

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